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Some of us are lucky and know who we are - and what will be written on our tombstones. Even at an early age, I knew it would say 'SONGWRITER' on mine. To put one's head in an objective position - a prerequisite to writing anything of substance - is a wonderful, magical thing. When a young person's good will and idealism clashes with the real world of random chaos and crudity, great art can be a catharsis. Or put another way, the rhythm and blues can often heal.

Beyond noticing the exquisite prosody in the classics- when the blending of lyric and melody create a third 'thing' or power - I began to notice that I had been subconsciously adding this ingredient in my own recipes. Of course all this goes without saying that the most important element in a great song - to me - is the STORY.

I treat each song as its own universe and try to stay true to its natural yearnings. This approach creates a wide variety of songs with melodies and story-lines that defies an overall style. Some of the takes are rough - and I'm determined to re-cut them - and some of the demos are slick, but all the songs are well-crafted and can take the listener to a clearer, fresher viewpoint. Most can be heard in their entirety and all the lyrics are available.

Singers have made my songs their own - they can easily wrap their voices around the heartfelt and meaningful melodies and lyric. Many of these demos are sung by Ronnie Godfrey and Scotty Blevins - among others.

I could reveal more of what I learned about songwriting, like being aware of the subtle significance of rhythm that often hides in the delicate cadences of everyday speech. But songwriting is also sooo… subjective that I'll just let you soak up the country, blue, 'billy, rock and easy listening contours of BIG STORY SONGS. This catalogue spans much emotion and many miles and meets another condition of a great song - enduring -

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